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Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy

The word hypnosis is derived from the Greek word “Hypno” – sleep. This is somewhat misleading as a hypnotic state is different from the sleep state. Hypnosis is a form of deep mental and physical relaxation in which awareness of the senses becomes heightened, and memory is often enhance, although one remains consciously aware of everything that is going on around.

The state of relaxation allows one to access inner resources, memories and emotions that are typically not available through the conscious mind. The ability to access the connection between the conscious and unconscious mind enables the root cause of problems to be identified and treated, in contrast with some other therapies which treat the symptom alone.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help You

Hypnotherapy is now recognised by members of the medical profession as a fast, effective and safe treatment for a whole range of problems, from physical conditions and ailments to issues of an emotional or psychological nature.

It can be used to relieve stress, overcome fears and phobias, boost confidence and self esteem, stop smoking, relieve specific goals, overcome anxiety and nerves (such as exam stress), relieve skin problems (such as eczema, acne etc.), improve general health and well-being, and to release unpleasant emotions (such as anger, frustration or guilt), and many other problems.

Hypnotherapy Treatments

There are two types of treatment using hypnosis. The therapy used will depend largely on the nature of the problem, and the individual being treated.

Suggestion Therapy

The first type of treatment, known as “suggestion therapy”, involves giving suggestions to the client to change addictive behaviour or to modify a particular reaction. This is commonly used where the goal is, for example, to stop smoking, lose weight, stop nail biting, hair twiddling, or reduce exam anxiety.

Typically, one to three sessions are required for this type of therapy. In some circumstances a booster session may be beneficial. A Compact Disc is supplied after the session/s for continued success.

Analytical Therapy – Hypnosis with Psychotherapy.

The second type of treatment, “Analytical Therapy”, is used for discovering the root cause of psychological problems. Only by working through the fundamental causes and dealing with them, can the problem be resolved. This form of therapy allows clients to release pent up emotions in a supportive environment, enabling each client to move forward without carrying the burden of past traumas. The number of sessions required depends entirely on the individual and the nature of the problem.

Hypnotherapy Consultation

The consultation usually lasts 1.5 hours. A detailed case history is taken to enable the therapist to gain as full a picture about the client as possible. The individual’s problem is then discussed in detail, and goals of future therapy sessions are agreed between the client and Therapist. Subsequent therapy sessions last for approximately One hour.

The Experience

The experience of being in a trance differs between individuals, depending on his or her unique perception of experiences. However, people often report feelings of heaviness and sinking, or, conversely lightness and floating, and tingling particularly in their arms and legs. The senses are usually heightened with greater awareness, enhanced hearing and sense of smell.

Time distortion is also quite common, with most clients feeling that the session has only lasted 20 or 30 minutes. After the session people feel very calm and relaxed, both on a mental and physical level.

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