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16yr old male. Problems: Eczema and Emptying his bowel four times a day for the last three years. First appointment December 2016, Thereafter appointments every two weeks.

Stephen was brought to me by his father and mother who had been extremely concerned about Stephens problems.

We firstly worked with the ongoing problem of Eczema finding and uncovered the originally cause, which had begun when Stephen started kindergarten, as a result of not wanting to be at Kindergarten. Stephen was not able to tell his mother for fear of her disapproval. As Stephen schooling progressed, he found it more and more difficult to go into school, especially now as his eczema was causing extreme embarrassment with his per group. Resulting in him being bullied. He did not tell his parents about the bullying. There were a number of occasions when he would scratch so much his hands would bleed. Stephen didn't want to be at school because of this.

After five sessions of Lifespan Integration Stephen was clear of Eczema completely. We then worked on his bowel problem. After a further four sessions of Lifespan Integration his bowel movements were normal, resulting in him vacating only once or sometimes twice a day.

Stephens parents wanted me to write this testimonial to help other concerned parents.
I spoke with Stephens parents this week on May 17th, 17, to find that Stephen is still clear of Eczema and is continuing to have normal bowel movements.

I had come in to therapy not knowing anything about Lifespan Integration and that this would be a part of my therapy. I came because I had left a volatile relationship and was ready to move forward in my life. I had been in this relationship from the age of 17, and by the time I had hit my 30's I was in so much distress,I felt lost and no longer knew who I was nor did I understand why I was allowing myself to be treated this way. I couldn't change that behaviour and recognised there'd been whole patterns of behaviour in my adult life that I hadn't been in control of.
I have never had therapy before but after speaking to a friend was recommended to give Debra a try, after meeting with Debra a few times she recommended lifespan integration as we had pinned down lots of my issues had developed as a young child.
What was profound for me with LI - was the speed of change.
After 1 session of LI it was like a light had been switched on and I could start to sort through and begin to make sense of the behaviours I had developed to help me cope. After several more sessions with Debra I went from strength to strength letting go of the things that where holding me back.

Debra and the lifespan integration therapy she offers has changed my life for good! it has helped me understand myself better and make the changes I needed.

On my final session with Debra I happened to mention that I was suffering with chilblains and had done for some year's, Debra informed me that this was in fact my body reacting to things that I had still not dealt with and so we tock our last LI journey together, with total amazement by the time I had finished my session my feet where already beginning to return to there normal colour and the pain had stopped completely the next morning I woke to find the chilblains had completely gone and I have not suffered with them again!

I have now done a total 360 and I'm extremely happy and feeling fulfilled and content.

Words could not describe how thankful I am for given Lifespan integration a go it really is amazing stuff!
Sandra - Aged 33yrs

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