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Lifespan Integration and its functions.

Lifespan integration is a therapy developed by Peggy Pace, a Psychologist and  Psychotherapist with 35yrs experience.

Lifespan Integration therapy integrates neural structures and firing patterns throughout the body-mind, and across a person’s lifespan. It’s main function is to clear trauma, and re-build self structure. This process is done by repetitions of a person’s life history. These repetitions of a person’s visual and sensory timeline are unique to all Lifespan integration protocols, of which there are 12.

What to Expect

At the first session the therapist will take a full detailed account of the client’s history.  This can take up to an hour and a half depending on the age of the client. Thereafter the client will email a chronological history of events from age 3yrs to the present. These memories should include all types of memories, good and bad. Write one or two memories for each year.  Memories will extend as therapy progresses, as the client remembers more. The therapist will assist with this.

The most dramatic application of Lifespan integration can be seen in the clearing of past or recent traumas using LI PTSD protocol.  Even the most entrenched cases of PTSD will resolve after one or two sessions of LI. 

Quality of life begins to improve over time after the PTSD has been cleared.

Lifespan integration can also help clients overcome the effects of early trauma and neglect. Individuals whose early needs were not met, and whose early environments were chaotic, inconsistent, or hostile will need many more sessions of LI therapy than will clients who are securely attached and who functioned well in a family environment prior to a traumatic incident.  Individuals who experienced early trauma or neglect will benefit most from the LI protocols that build self structure, change attachment patterns, and improve regulation of emotion.

Even though you may not have had secure attachments as a very young child, Lifespan integration will help build a more solid self structure and in turn regulate emotions.

Lifespan integration is different to talk therapies, which are mostly left brained.  LI is body based.  LI is an exchange of information between right brain and the body.  

During the LI Birth to present Protocol this exchange is designed to replicate and replace the exchange that should have happened for the client within the mother-infant dyad from the moment of birth. New, positive feeling states are generated in the client-therapist dyad, and then are integrated as the client views the ‘movie’ of his/her life, from infancy all the way into present time. A right brain connection is maintained between client and therapist throughout this re-parenting work. The success of this re-wiring depends on the coherence of the administering therapist in the same way that the attachment style of an infant is determined by the mother’s coherence, her ability to attune to her child, and her ability to self regulate.

After having Lifespan Integration clients reported feelings of self acceptance, solidarity and an inner contentment.
Therefore feeling better about their lives, and able to enjoy intimate and close relationships.

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